Expanding the Zenithy Brand Globally : South Korea

With the strategic intent to propel the ‘Zenithy’ brand into a true global property powerhouse, far beyond the shores of Thailand, a handpicked team led by our CEO Ms. Rinlaphat Jirakornthanawat accepted an invitation to visit Seoul, Korea in April 2022. Team Zenithy sailed through 5 days of high octane meetings and energy sessions with the top management of leading Korean companies in the spheres of property technology (PropTech), asset management and capital markets. The 5-day visit culminated in Team Zenithy acquiring new valuable knowledge and insights about its future role in the global property marketplace. More importantly, this working trip lead to new strategic partnerships being formed between Zenithy and her new Korean and Singapore business partners, all leaders in their industry. These new strategic partnerships will intensify and accelerate Zenithy’s journey into the realm of global real estate.Thank you to our partners for their hospitality. We look forward to our mutual future success together!