Zenithy Pool Villas Granted Developer License

Zenithy Development is proud to announce that it has recently been granted a housing project land allocation license (ใบอนุญาตจัดสรรที่ดิน). The license enables the developer to legally subdivide land plots for sale in a housing project in accordance with the Land Allocation Act (2000).

In order to obtain the license for Zenithy Pool Villas, a number of strict criteria had to be met including passing an Initial Environmental Examination (IEE), having an entrance to the project wider than 12 meters, all roads have to be wider than 8 meters, 5% of the total land area given over to green area, and underground government drainage. 

In addition, all infrastructure plans must already be completed or a sum equivalent to the cost of completing the infrastructure placed in a bank account with a letter of guarantee from the bank that the funds will not be released until completion of the infrastructure work. 

For our villa buyers, this gives peace of mind that the project plans have been reviewed and approved by the relevant department in the Phuket provincial government, that completion of infrastructure is guaranteed, that zoning regulations allow the construction of the project in the area, and that the land titles are clean and can be legally subdivided.